Wharfedale Pro EZ-15A 150W Portable PA Speaker with 2 Wireless Microphone, MP3 Media Player and Bluetooth Inputs

$499.00 $419.63 (excl. GST) $449 $449 (incl. GST)

Wharfedale Pro EZ-15A 150W 15 inch Active Portable PA System with 2 free wireless microphones, USB, MP3 and Bluetooth Inputs. Perfect for performer or entertainer looking for a powerful portable public address system on the go. Features includes:

  • EZ-15A 150W speaker delivers up to 118dB which ensures that music, speech or both are clearly heard
  • Battery Operated and Powerful portable sound system for outdoor events
  • Includes 2 UHF wireless microphones
  • Offers 150W of Peak Power. Loud sound projection for outdoor events.
  • Easy pull up and drag trolley handle portable speaker
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