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Bluetooth Speakerphone for conference calls Singapore

Never fret about making your next conference call, be it for work or simply a call to your loved ones. Communication through the phone has changed immensely, and at this juncture more and more people are working in a temporary space before being on the go to their next destination. As such, it is essential that one has to invest in a good portable conference speakerphone to be able to comfortably send information to others.


A good portable conference speakerphone possesses clear sound quality which blurs out any background noise which may affect the other party’s ability to hear the speech. Moreover, the sounds from the speaker should also be natural and smooth, allowing easy understanding even as multiple people are speaking at once. The speakerphone should also have an intuitive interface that is simple to use yet highly functional, with the ability to control it manually. With the ability to connect to a myriad of devices such as smartphones, PCs as well as tablets, users are able to start a conference call at any time, anywhere.

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Benefits of a Portable and Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone for Video Conferencing and Meetings


A bluetooth speakerphone will allow you to transition the place that you are at into a home office. This allows you to work on the go even when you are not at the workplace, and is especially essential for those who have to constantly commute on the job. They are able to find a temporary workspace and utilise their speakerphone to connect and communicate for the job. There is barely anything that prevents you from staying connected for your work. The speakerphone supports connection via Bluetooth, and as such, with cell service or Wifi signal, any device with a Bluetooth function enables you to start a video conferencing call session. Simply pair it with a conferencing application such as Google Hangout and Zoom and start communicating.


Technology in our world today, as compared to twenty years ago has changed drastically, and speed is one of the key factors. No longer do we have to spend a few minutes waiting to get through our calls. Today, it is simply a matter of seconds that allows us to connect with other people from across the world. The conference speakerphone can be connected very quickly. It also prevents you from being immobilised and allows you to move around after staying in a long conference call. You are no longer bound to your smartphone, and you can take notes as you listen on the call or simply stretch after staying at the desk for a long time.


The Bluetooth conference speakerphone, with its Bluetooth connectivity, makes it very portable. This is comparable to that of average conferencing systems, whereby the Bluetooth speakerphone has everything built-in such as its speakers and microphone. You are able to bring it around with you, and usually they are imbued with a long battery life, which means you do not have to worry too much about having to charge it when you bring it out. Being able to have it with you let’s you have a peace of mind as you move from location to location, as you are assured that you can communicate for business purposes should sudden mishaps arise.