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Studio Recording Bundle for Sale Singapore

We offer a wide range of recording bundles for podcast recording, music recording, live streaming, broadcasting and more. As the popularity of the studio recording and podcast continues to skyrocket, you might be wondering how to use the platform to broadcast ideas and marketing messages of your own. To get your voice heard in the world of digital audio streaming, you’ll need at least a basic audio production setup.

The essentials of a Podcast and Studio Recording Equipment includes Condenser Microphone, USB Audio Interface, Microphone stand, Pop filter, Audio Cables, Studio Headphones / Studio Monitor and Audio recording/editing software. You can always start with something free and move on to something more advanced if editing music, sound effects and ads will be part of your podcast or your music production.

Opting for a bundle takes all the time-consuming research and decision making out of getting your podcast studio setup. If you find all the technical jargon around buying audio equipment confusing, a bundle can save you a considerable headache. The bundle description should provide a detailed list of everything provided (you don’t want to start setting then realise you’re missing a cable), and have a summary that helps you understand what kind of user/podcast the bundle is suited to.

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Studio Recording Bundle

PreSonus AudioBox 96 Studio Package

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Essential Studio Recording/Podcasting Equipment

A microphone(s) – an external microphone is essential for recording audio of a high enough quality for a podcast. XLR mics have a 3-pin connection that connects to a computer via an audio interface/mixer using an XLR cable. The audio interface should be included if you choose a bundle with an XLR microphone. XLR mics are more expensive but offer better versatility and sound quality

Audio Interfaces - An Audio Interfaces allows a user to connect inputs such as microphones, digital pianos and guitar audio cables to a computer and record via USB or Thunderbolt. It also has outputs typically and allow Studio Monitor Speakers, Studio headphones or Studio monitor speakers to listen to the recorded or in real-time incoming audio to play through the computer.

Microphone stand – Unless there’s no other practical choice, you don’t want to record a podcast while holding the mic in your hands. It’s ungainly and inevitably adds noise to your audio. For most beginners, a freestanding stand (one with a flat base that sits on the floor or tabletop) will do the job just fine. They’re also generally the more portable of the two most common types of mic stand. For advance users, you might consider adding on a shock mount (an attachment that sits at the base of the microphone) to absorb any vibrations and movement.

Pop filter – Have you ever spoken into a microphone and heard annoying ‘pop’ sounds, particularly when you pronounce the letter ‘P’, and make certain breath exhales in between sentences? A pop filter is a screen that acts as a barrier between those noises and the microphone. Even decent pop filters are cheap and they make a world of difference – so go for a bundle that includes one, or grab one separately.

Headphones – Headphones (over-ear are the preferred choice) are a must when recording, so you’re isolated from outside noise and can monitor for static, buzz and interference. Any guests you interview should be wearing headphones too. Since most computers only have a single headphone jack, you’ll need an audio splitter to plug in multiple sets.

Audio recording/editing software – Most podcast bundles will come with software, others supply you solely with the hardware.

There are a huge number of different recording/editing programs out there, for PC, Mac and mobile devices, including some very good free ones. You can always start with something free and move on to something more advanced if editing music, sound effects and ads will be part of your podcast

How Your Business Can Benefit from a Podcast

Podcasting’s explosion in popularity means that if you’re considering using a podcast as a marketing tool, you can potentially reach a very large national or international audience base. Here are other ways you could benefit by starting a podcast around your business’ area of expertise: It’s a great way to build a personal connection with your customers and showcase your authoritative knowledge on a particular industry or subject while being entertaining and easily digestible at the same time. You know your target market – create a podcast series tailored to their interests and build up a following of listeners that can help drive traffic to your website and, in turn, increase sales

Podcast's great value alternative to video

Yes, videos can be extremely powerful marketing tools, but compared to producing a podcast, filming and editing videos is generally much more expensive, with the need for additional, more expensive gear like cameras, and other resources like actors or voiceover artists, animators and editors. Learning basic audio editing yourself is much easier compared with video editing. By integrating information about your products and services into your podcast (without being as annoying or as easy-to-switch-off as an actual advertisement), you can massively boost brand awareness and turn your company into a household name.