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Live Sound Accessories

Every seasoned performer, engineer or musician knows that carrying a reliable range of sound accessories is just as important as your main rig. Ever had a broken lead, snapped string, or buzzing amp? Don?t be caught out. Check out range of sound accessories to ensure that you are prepared for any unexpected surprises that life on the road will throw at you.

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All your essential audio tools in one place

When it comes to finding the best sound accessories look no further than's online store. We understand that maintaining your gear is a must for a stress free session or performance, which is why we stock everything from good old gaffer tape, to cable testers, extension leads, spare parts and much more.

No more rushing from store to store to find that pesky piece of equipment last minute: you can get everything you need right here.

Don?t get caught up without that accessory you need

You might be surprised how many musicians and professionals will pack multiple instruments, but will forget something as simple as tape. Taping down your cords and wires can mean the difference between a clean and safe performance, or serious injury and damage to your gear. Our Gaffer tapes from brands like Hosa, Gafftech and GaffGun are industry favourites, and, unlike hardware store duct tape, are residue free. That means you won?t be stuck with a big clean up post-performance.

We also have other commonly needed items like direct boxes, such as the Whirlwind IMP 2, and patch bays like the Neutrik NYS-SPP-L for balanced and organised sound. We also carry phantom supply units, extension chords, power conditioners, batteries, push trolleys, power strips, polarity testers and headlamps. If you think you might need it on the road, chances are we?ve got you covered! Or if you can?t find what you need, just ask.

Whether your gear is having issues now, or you just want to be prepared, get in touch with the friendly and expert team at today.