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DJ Equipment for Sale

Are you a DJ looking for the artillery to get the room pumping? Or do you have dreams of packing out the club? Look no further than the range of DJ equipment and technology at

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High class DJ equipment for pulsing sound

In the DJ?ing world, sound quality is your livelihood, and you need to make sure your equipment is up to the challenge of every gig you play. Whether you are pumping out classics at weddings, or driving a dance party from Saturday night to Sunday morning, we have the latest and most high tech DJ equipment to serve you. We stock the best range of direct-drive turntables, media players, mixers, controllers and software platforms to ensure your set is smooth and sharp.

We provide the most popular software platforms used by modern DJ?s including Native Instruments, Traktor Pro and Serato DJ. These give you optimal flexibility; premium features and ease of use, giving you the freedom to create a captivating live performance. From simple setups with 2 jog wheels and mixer, to a larger 4 channel rig with a pad deck, we have it, and everything in between. We also have hardware for those who prefer a more analogue approach, including premium turntables form Pioneer, Numark and more.

Everything you need for your DJ rig

If you want to create original beats, there are almost endless options for electronic music production. bring you the best the market has to offer from companies like Ableton, Novation and Native Instruments.

For DJ?s on the go, we have mobile DJ equipment such as PA?s, speakers, microphones, mixers, LED lighting, and accessories. All of our equipment is user-friendly and optimised for compatibility, so your setup will be quick and seamless.

We understand the demands of every DJ is different, that is why our friendly team can help you select the perfect setup for your needs. With our one-stop shop, and fast, free shipping, you won?t need to hop from store to store; you can shop from the comfort of home to be ready for your next gig in no time.

Studio & Recording are specialists in high-quality studio recording equipment. We bring our professional studio experience and combine with our technical expertise to offer the best range of studio and recording equipment available.

Studio and recording equipment for everyone

Whether you are just starting out and setting up your first studio, are a seasoned professional updating your current setup, or a home recordist decking out your office, we have the right equipment for you. We can help you select the right microphones for your specific applications, and find the right mixers and software to make your sound crisp and crystalline.

Depending on your style, and function, we can help you avoid many of the costly mistakes beginners make when setting up their first studio. Just because a program or piece of gear is right for your favourite artists, doesn't mean it will be right for you! We can talk you through a product's features in layman's terms so you can make better-informed decisions.

We are even well versed in the burgeoning world of podcasting, and understand the different needs of the podcaster when recording voice, as compared to the more traditional music recording setups. A small investment in your acoustic treatment and monitors can make a big difference when it comes to the finished product. We can help you to tailor a studio setup to optimise your budget while meeting your specific needs.

First hand studio and recording advice

One of the best things about the friendly team at is that many of us are passionate about recording, and produce, perform and record our own music. We understand first hand the kinds of things you will need to consider for a studio setup of all different levels, as well as some of the issues and frustrations you might encounter.

Microphones, pre-amps, processors, software and accessories: we are well versed in every element of studio build and maintenance. We know that your studio is an extension of your style, and can make sure you feel 100% at home with your equipment, even when you are on the road.